Kitchens & Bathrooms

Looking for a trustworthy company to install your dream kitchen? At Alpha Group Building Services, our Kitchen Fitters are here to help.

Are you thinking of installing a new bathroom and are looking for reliable Bathroom Fitters?

At Alpha Group Building Services, we believe that everyone should have their ideal bathroom, our Bathroom Fitters can either replace or remodel and refurbish your entire bathroom.

We make it our priority to communicate with our customers right from the get go so that we can plan and design their desired bathroom.

Our Bathroom Fitters have worked on both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, so if you are looking to upgrade, we can offer you an affordable installation.

Picking & designing your kitchen

When it comes to designing kitchens, we know it is perhaps the most challenging of rooms in the house.  It is the busiest, the most visited and needs to cater for a whole range of needs and requirements.  From simple day-to-day usage for basic meals to the occasional larger events such as Christmas or birthdays.

Whatever your budget, size or demands, there is always a kitchen that will work for you.

We have been working with some of the best kitchen manufacturers and kitchen designs for so long, we can almost predict what people are going to have in their homes.  The large kitchen island has seen a rise in the last decade, along with integrated units to keep lines clean and sharp.

Kitchen colours have also changed a great deal too. From the traditional oak or stained pine cabinets of the early 70’s through to the bright vibrant colours of the 90s and now, the more muted matte finishes that we’re seeing in many modern homes.

With changing styles, the demands of our clients changes too.  Smart-homes and connectivity are making more of an appearance in our houses and kitchens are the next arena, with phone activated kettles, washing machines and even ovens, or perhaps you want a fridge that will take a photo of it’s contents and remind you when you’re running low on milk!

We can help you get the very best from your kitchen, speak with us today.

Bathrooms, designed for everyone

Do you have a large family and find that your bathroom just isn’t keeping up with your needs? Or maybe, you need to downsize the bathroom as your children have left home, perhaps you want that en-suite you’ve always dreamed of!

Bathrooms, after bedrooms, are one of the most personal spaces in any home and with good design, they can last a lifetime.

As with any room of the house, the bathroom should be designed through careful planning and consideration, not only with budget in mind, but with the current requirements and also future changes too.  Many homes now don’t have a bath for example, but instead, a walk-in shower cubicle.  Not only does this help free up much-required space, it also helps conserve the amount of water used for our daily routines, which is becoming the main feature of eco-conscious building plans.

Whatever your bathroom requirements may be, here at Alpha Building Group, we have the experts on hand to help.

It is our first home and the existing kitchen wasn’t really suitable for us.  The Alph Group team really helped us not only design the kitchen but save money too!

Stefan S