Home Refurbishment

Alpha Group Building Services are luxury home renovation experts – a team of highly skilled architects, interior designers, builders and tradespeople all dedicated to ensuring that your home becomes every inch of the dream home you’re after. If your project involves flat or house renovation in London and you’re looking for a team with an eye for detail, a passion for precision and a commitment to quality of finish, then contact us today for your refurbishments needs.

You’ve worked all your life to get here… the home you’ve found or live in is perfect for its location, scale, features or outlook, but there’s work to be done for it to become the dream home you imagined it could be.

No matter where you look in London, property renovation work is going on, space is at a premium and moving is costly, so that’s where a refurbishment company like ours comes in. Proficiency is a London refurbishment specialist – we understand the city market and the demands of a specific type of clientele who have trusted us to design and style their homes for a decade.

Why should you refurbish your home?

For many, the idea of moving house can be terrifying. Not only can this be extremely expensive but the worry of not knowing fully, who your new neighbours may be, or, will there be a new development close to your new home in years to come.

Instead, staying in your existing home but renovating can often be the answer. 

After living in your home for even a short while, you’ll start to find areas that need attention quicker than others.  From lack of storage in some of the most important rooms of the house, to bathrooms being overrun by growing children.

How about that dream kitchen you have always wanted, with a large island in the centre and bifold doors opening out onto your new patio and garden space?  It is all achievable and sometimes, less than you may think.

Why not make your home the very best of what it can be with the vision and skill of the experts at Alpha Group.  Get in touch with us for more information.

Preparing to sell your home?

Ask any estate agent and they will also tell you that one of the most important parts of any sale is going to be the first impression, what is known as ‘kerb appeal’.

Whilst we may not want to admit it, we do all judge what we see in the very first seconds. From people, to shoes, houses are no different!

If you are looking at a property and it clearly shows signs of needing repair, you will instantly think that the rest of the house is equally as tired and more often than not, you’ll put in a lower offer to counter-balance the amount of work you’ll need to do in order to bring it up to standard. But, this may not be the actual case, it could be that all that is needed is a bit of paint or wallpaper and some careful consideration and design ideas and you could be well on your way to actually adding value to your home.

So impressed with Alpha. From start to finish they understood what I wanted and were able to create a beautiful extension to my home.

Barry M